@Lakkanna opened this Issue on February 1st 2021

Hi, i have multiple customDimensions based on the dynamic value is it possible to show matching records only in report?
i tried to use custom report plugin but there i need to create each report for one value, which is not easy to maintain.



i need to filter out the data based on some dynamic value for customDimensions and need to embed, please let me know how can i achieve this one

@tsteur commented on February 1st 2021 Member
@Lakkanna commented on February 2nd 2021

i checked segmentation, i didn't find way to integrate with Widgetize module, filtered data can be used only through API's?

@Lakkanna commented on February 2nd 2021

i got the solution, i have suffixed &segement=dimension1==value1;dimension2==value2 to the widgetize module url, it's seems working, thanks

@tsteur commented on February 2nd 2021 Member

Great, glad this works @Lakkanna

This Issue was closed on February 2nd 2021
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