@HECFM opened this Issue on January 27th 2021

Hi the Matomo team and thanks for your great work !
Have been trying for 10 days now to link my self hosted Matomo instance fo my self hosted Discourse forum.

I followed the tutorial with the theme component of Discourse dedicated to Matomo.

On my Matomo home screen I've a message saying there is no date for the moment and that I have to put these configurations :

  • Matomo URL: (edit removed by author)
  • ID of your site : 1

And the printscreen within the theme component of Discourse :
(edit removed by author)

What did I do wrong ?

@tsteur commented on January 27th 2021 Member

@HECFM I checked your website and the configured CSP is preventing to load our tracker. You'll want to have a look at https://matomo.org/faq/general/faq_20904/ and check how this can be configured in your server environment.

@HECFM commented on January 27th 2021

I already looked into the CSP aspect and here is what I already did in Discourse settings.
Do I need to add another thing ?
(edit removed by author)

@tsteur commented on January 27th 2021 Member

Hi @HECFM sorry I'm not so much familiar with how this works in discourse. I suggest you ask in the discourse forum how this can/needs to be configured.

@HECFM commented on January 28th 2021

Hi @tsteur I went to the Discourse forum and the support team told me there that they see the Matomo tracker loading just fine and that it isn't a CSP issue.
They are suggesting it might be on the Matomo side.

What can I do to make Matomo work on Discourse ?

@Findus23 commented on January 28th 2021 Member

@HECFM If you want to, we can continue this discussion on the Matomo forum: https://forum.matomo.org/
I can see on your site that the piwik.js is blocked by CSP as the firefox developer tools nicely show.

I'd recommend you to look into the content security policy script src discourse setting and add your Matomo domain there.

This Issue was closed on January 27th 2021
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