@tauschn opened this Issue on January 20th 2021

since updating Matomo to 4.1.1. my Admin-area is "broken" (can't click on anything) - means I can't handle the Admin-Area for excample create new user, can't click on System, develop, data-security, etc.
Please help!
Thank you!

@sgiehl commented on January 20th 2021 Member

Can you see any error in the browser console?
As a workaround: Does maybe the mobile menu work for you? You could try resizing the windows to a smaller size, so the layout switches to mobile.

@tauschn commented on January 20th 2021

Hello @sgiehl ,
genious! Idk why, but THIS works! thank you so so much for your help!

@sgiehl commented on January 20th 2021 Member

@tauschn The mobile menu is actually build in another way. Might still be good to find out why the normal menu doesn't behave like it should... 🤔

This Issue was closed on January 20th 2021
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