@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on January 15th 2021 Member

AngularJS tests are currently always failing as PhantomJS doesn't seem to start up correctly.

Seems there was a new release of Karma (6.0.0), which causes the problem. As we are currently requiring Karama >= 0.12.1 only, it automatically used the new version for testing.

I've added a < 6.0.0 for the Karma requirement. This ensures the version 5.2 is used again.
Will merge this for now, so tests are running again.

@tsteur @diosmosis Not sure if we should have a look somewhen why it actually doesn't work with Karma 6. Feel free to create an issue if that is something we should look into...

This Pull Request was closed on January 15th 2021
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