@Findus23 opened this Issue on January 15th 2021 Member

reported in https://forum.matomo.org/t/frage-zur-besucherkarte-in-echtzeit/40267

The header of the real-time map seems to switch to an error message after a few seconds even though the map loads fine.


Interestingly I can't reproduce this issue on demo.matomo.org

There is no error in the JS console

@sgiehl commented on January 15th 2021 Member

Seems that the case when the ajax request, that is sent periodically to fetch new visitors, does not have any results

@Findus23 commented on January 15th 2021 Member

Okay, I found a bit more details. Indeed the initial request returns data, but the ones afterwards don't.
The first one sends &minTimestamp=0 and the ones afterwards send &minTimestamp=1610714405 and I guess if there were no new visits since the text is incorrectly updated.

This Issue was closed on January 26th 2021
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