@narfk opened this Issue on January 15th 2021

My Version is 4.1.0
Release Channel ist latest stable. Even when i'm switching to latest Beta the Updatechecker return 'You are using the latest version of Matomo!'

Is there any way to figure out what is going wrong?
I made the Updates from 3 to 4 (and from 4.0.0 to 4.1.0) with the ZIP download.

@Findus23 commented on January 15th 2021 Member
@tsteur commented on January 17th 2021 Member

@narfk are you basically missing the 4.1.1 update? Does it maybe show up by now? You could also try clicking the "check for updates" button in the Admin area of Matomo

@narfk commented on January 18th 2021

@tsteur after the manual update to version 4.0.0 with the zip archive. matomo didn't find any 4.0.* updates.
for sure i was also trying to check for new updates. in the devtools (network) i can see the it results with a http code 200 (successfull). but noting happens.

@tsteur commented on January 18th 2021 Member

@narfk any chance you can send us the output of the system report which you find in Administration -> System Report? There is a button to copy/paste the text and the data should be anonymised.

@narfk commented on January 19th 2021

Here we go:

Mandatory checks

PHP version >= 7.2.5: ✔ 7.4.13

PDO extension: ✔

PDO\MYSQL extension: ✔

MYSQLI extension: ✔

Other required extensions: ✔ zlib ✔ SPL ✔ iconv ✔ json ✔ mbstring ✔ Reflection

Required functions: ✔ debug_backtrace ✔ eval ✔ hash ✔ gzcompress ✔ gzuncompress ✔ pack

Required PHP configuration (php.ini): ✔ session.auto_start = 0 ✔ max_execution_time = 0 OR >= 30

Directories with write access: ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp/assets ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp/cache ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp/climulti ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp/latest ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp/logs ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp/sessions ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp/tcpdf ✔ $DOC_ROOT/tmp/templates_c

Optional checks

File integrity: ✔

Tracker status: ✔

Memory limit: ✔ 1024M

Time zone: ✔

Open URL: ✔ curl

PageSpeed disabled: ✔

GD > 2.x + Freetype (graphics): ✔

Other extensions: ✔ json ✔ libxml ✔ dom ✔ SimpleXML

Other functions: ✔ shell_exec ✔ set_time_limit ✔ mail ✔ parse_ini_file ✔ glob ✔ gzopen ✔ md5_file

Filesystem: ✔

Setup Cron - Managing processes via CLI: ✔ Ok

Last Successful Archiving Completion: ✔ The archiving process completed successfully 07:13:57 ago.

Database abilities: ✔ UTF8mb4 charset ✔ CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES ✔ Changing transaction isolation level

Max Packet Size: ✔

Forced SSL Connection: ✔

Geolocation: ✔

Informational results

Matomo Version: 4.1.0

Matomo Update History: 4.0.3,4.0.0,3.14.1,

Matomo Install Version: Unknown - pre 3.8.

PHP_OS: Linux

PHP SAPI: apache2handler

Timezone Version: 0.system

PHP Timezone: UTC

PHP Time: 1611044046

PHP Datetime: 2021-01-19 08:14:06

PHP Disabled functions: pcntl_alarm, pcntl_fork, pcntl_waitpid, pcntl_wait, pcntl_wifexited, pcntl_wifstopped, pcntl_wifsignaled, pcntl_wifcontinued, pcntl_wexitstatus, pcntl_wtermsig, pcntl_wstopsig, pcntl_signal, pcntl_signal_dispatch, pcntl_get_last_error, pcntl_strerror, pcntl_sigprocmask, pcntl_sigwaitinfo, pcntl_sigtimedwait, pcntl_exec, pcntl_getpriority, pcntl_setpriority,

PHP INI max_execution_time: 180

PHP INI post_max_size: 32M

PHP INI max_input_vars: 6000

PHP INI zlib.output_compression:

Curl Version: 7.68.0, OpenSSL/1.1.1f

Suhosin Installed: 0

DB Prefix: piwik_

DB Charset: utf8mb4


MySQL Version: 5.7.30-0ubuntu0.16.04.1-log

Num Tables: 330

Browser Segment Archiving Enabled: 0

Development Mode Enabled: 0

Internet Enabled: 1

Multi Server Environment: 1

Custom User Path: 0

Custom Include Path: 0

Plugins Activated: API, Actions, Annotations, BulkTracking, Contents, CoreAdminHome, CoreConsole, CoreHome, CorePluginsAdmin, CoreUpdater, CoreVisualizations, CustomDimensions, CustomJsTracker, CustomVariables, DBStats, Dashboard, DevicePlugins, DevicesDetection, Diagnostics, Ecommerce, Events, GeoIp2, Goals, Heartbeat, ImageGraph, Insights, Installation, Intl, InvalidateReports 4.0.1, LanguagesManager, Live, Login, LoginTokenAuth 4.0.0, Marketplace, Monolog, Morpheus, MultiSites, Overlay, PagePerformance, PrivacyManager, Provider, Proxy, Referrers, Resolution, SEO, ScheduledReports, SegmentEditor, SitesManager, Transitions, UserCountry, UserCountryMap, UserId, UserLanguage, UsersManager, VisitFrequency, VisitTime, VisitorInterest, VisitsSummary, WebsiteMeasurable

Plugins Deactivated: Feedback, IntranetMeasurable, MobileAppMeasurable, MobileMessaging, ProfessionalServices, RssWidget, TagManager, Tour, TwoFactorAuth, Widgetize

Plugins Invalid:

Server Info: Apache

Had visits in last 1 day: 1

Had visits in last 3 days: 1

Had visits in last 5 days: 1

Archive Time Last Started: 1611018002

Archive Time Last Finished: 1611018009

Num invalidations: 0 queued, 0 in progress

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:84.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/84.0

Browser Language: de-ch,de,en-us,en,fr-ch,fr

Anonymize Referrer:

Do Not Track enabled: 0

@tsteur commented on January 20th 2021 Member

@narfk any chance you set the "Multi Server Environment: 1" setting in the config recently? That might explain this.

@narfk commented on January 20th 2021

This was the output from my servers on a load balancing environment - so this setting seems ok for me.
On my Testserver the Setting is Multi Server Environment: 0 - the problem is the same.

@tsteur commented on January 20th 2021 Member

Could you also post the system check output from your test server @narfk

@tsteur commented on January 21st 2021 Member

The API itself would return the correct result in this case @narfk https://api.matomo.org/1.0/getLatestVersion/?piwik_version=4.1.1&php_version=7.4.14&release_channel=latest_stable&mysql_version=8.0.23&trigger=CoreHome&timezone=UTC

Any chance you are familiar with a bit of PHP? I could suggest maybe one or two files to tweak to see if the request maybe somehow fails for you or so.

Any chance in your config/config.ini.php there is maybe a setting enable_auto_update = 0?

@narfk commented on January 22nd 2021

I'm familiar- so this is not a big thing.

I made a new attempt for an update from 3 to 4.1.1. Maybe something went wrong in my first try?
I see that the navigation in the backend is different. In the first attempt I see all points - now the subpoints are hidden and are only displayed when clicking on the main point. Maybe a hint?

Anyway. Yes in my settings i have enable_auto_update = 0 because i don't want a automatich update on my production servers. Is this wrong?

@Findus23 commented on January 22nd 2021 Member

I see that the navigation in the backend is different. In the first attempt I see all points - now the subpoints are hidden and are only displayed when clicking on the main point. Maybe a hint?

This is an intentional new feature

Anyway. Yes in my settings i have enable_auto_update = 0 because i don't want a automatich update on my production servers. Is this wrong?

Ah, I think this is where the misunderstanding comes from. Matomo will never update itself automatically (without you initializing, like Wordpress now does with patch releases), but I think this setting just disables the update check.

@narfk commented on January 22nd 2021

I will try enable_auto_update for the next update and I will report the result here

@tsteur commented on January 24th 2021 Member

enable_auto_update=0 would explain this @narfk I'm quite confident it will work once you set the setting to 1. If it doesn't work feel free to comment any time and we'll reopen the issue. Thanks

This Issue was closed on January 24th 2021
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