@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on September 19th 2010

I don't know if they exist but my piwik doesn't show them.

Under Visitor > Settings > Wide Screen. At the moment my piwik lists wide, normal and dual. Would be cool to have mobile/phone/handheld and tablet here to list also new modern types of screen.

The affected report is "Visitors > Settings > Wide screen"

@robocoder commented on September 20th 2010 Contributor


If it's not not detectable via JavaScript, then it isn't reported in the current version.

@mattab commented on November 16th 2010 Member

I think gossi means "if the detected resolution is less than what one would expect for a normal screen, flag the resolution as being 'mobile/tablet'".

This would be an easy fix, but what threshold to use for a resolution, and what name to give to this new segment?

@robocoder commented on December 5th 2010 Contributor

We could classify anything < VGA (640x480) as "mobile" but that label has a meaning beyond simply screen size. Similarly, we probably won't be able to differentiate "tablet" from "normal".

Do we really want to pair device detection with screen size?

I would prefer to implement #1560.

@robocoder commented on December 5th 2010 Contributor

The current classification is based on width-to-height ratio:

  • the iPad is 1024x768 ... would be classified as "Normal".
  • the Slate, Playbook, Galaxy Tab are 1024x600 ... would be classified as "Wide".
@anonymous-piwik-user commented on January 5th 2011


I raised this ticket to later look on the statistics of my site and see if a relevant part of my visitors is using a specific device (mobile/tablet) and if I should consider (re)designing my page with special interrest in smaller devices by probably adding media-query stylesheets.
To me, it would make sense to place such a statistic there. Well, from a webdesigner point of view, I don't get value from normal, wide and dual - but it's funny to have them.
For detecting the different types of screen. I think that this would be a combination of browser-sniffing, display resolution (and ratio) and maybe some "mobile-only" javascript values like the orientation (I guess this is window.orientation) which definitely map the device to a tablet or phone.

@mattab commented on January 10th 2011 Member

Maybe we could add a new "Small screens (mobile, tablets)" that would contain everything below 640 width ? therefore we still report on screen size, but we assume that at low resolution the wide VS normal doesn't really matter and we are more interested in knowing if it's mobile/table VS normal screen experience. I think this would be a quick fix..

@mattab commented on January 13th 2011 Member

(In [3723]) Fixes #1709 Adding a new screen type 'mobile' which contains everything below 640 width

This Issue was closed on January 13th 2011
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