@candaj opened this Issue on January 14th 2021


In order to keep our data in order and compliante I would like to know what are the complete list of "basic metrics" that are keep from the deletion with the option checked. Is there a list somewhere ?

edit: if I keep reports, do I keep personnal data too or do I have to delete it ?


@tsteur commented on January 14th 2021 Member

@candaj AFAIK these metrics are kept:

'nb_uniq_visitors', 'nb_visits', 'nb_users', 'nb_actions', 'max_actions', 'sum_visit_length', 'bounce_count', 'nb_visits_converted', 'nb_conversions', 'revenue', 'quantity', 'price', 'orders'

If goals are configured, a few additional metrics may be kept. I don't have a list for this but I think it's like the number of conversions, the number of orders and the number of cart abandoned.

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