@agendartobias opened this Issue on January 6th 2021

A given page is being tracked as two separate pages due to trailing slashes in the URL. For example:


Is there any way to make Matomo recognize that the two URLs are actually a single page?

@mobiliodevelopment commented on January 6th 2021

Actually this are two different URLs and should be counted independent.

/login -> /login
/login/ -> /login/index.html or index.htm

@tsteur commented on January 10th 2021 Member

Hi @agendartobias AFAIK there isn't a way yet to recognise the two URLs as a single page. It's unlikely we'll work on this as it is technically two different URLs. However, I'll keep the issue open as someone should be able to implement this feature in a plugin without too much effort. Happy to guide them in the right direction if someone is keen.

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