@mattab opened this Issue on December 23rd 2020 Member

Similarly to how we used to display "average generation time" sparkline + graph metric picker in the "Visitors > Overview" report, it would be very valuable to now display the "average page load time" sparkline + graph metric in the "Visitors > Overview".

It's valuable because page speed is a really key metric of a website and impacts "Visitors" a lot, so it makes sense to put it as visibly as possible in this often-viewed "Visitors > Overview" report.

Here is what the metric used to look like so it could be replaced by the new one:

Screenshot from 2020-12-24 09-53-42

refs #17010 #17012

@mattab commented on December 23rd 2020 Member

once we implement this, then maybe we could also just simply "Remove" the old metric, instead of implementing the more complex #17010

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