@fealXX opened this Issue on December 20th 2020

I noticed our Cronlogs always said "0 out of 4 archivers running currently" - regardless of the actual number of running archivers.

This was, because our cron for the core:archive job had the matomo-domain parameter in front of the core:archive command:
console --matomo-domain=my.matomodomain.com -vvv core:archive >> cron_daily.log
but CronArchive.php checks for strpos($process, 'console core:archive') !== false in hasReachedMaxConcurrentArchivers().

Changing the check to strpos($process, 'core:archive') !== false reports the correct number of running archivers.

@tsteur commented on December 20th 2020 Member

Thanks for reporting this @fealXX

This Issue was closed on December 20th 2020
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