@EntrepreneurAJ1 opened this Issue on December 15th 2020

I have installed a fresh copy downloaded and unzipped directly from your server to the server using ssh.
The Core plugin Provider was installed direct from marketplace.
System check now shows the following error:

File size mismatch: /home/eajglobal-net/matomo/plugins/Provider/Provider.php (expected length: 3479, found: 4328) Missing file: /home/eajglobal-net/matomo/plugins/Provider/screenshots/Report.png

@tsteur commented on December 16th 2020 Member

@EntrepreneurAJ1 this is indeed an error. Sorry about that. Currently, it's not needed to install the provider plugin from the marketplace just yet as we're shipping it with Matomo core as a transition for a few months and then it will be updated through the marketplace. The error should go away with the next update. Apart from this we won't be changing anything for now as the error will be automatically fixed in 2-3 months (and also next time you update Matomo core). It's safe to remove this file though.

This Issue was closed on December 16th 2020
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