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This can potentially bring a performance improvement as I think sometimes the system would wait for 8 seconds before declaring a process as finished even if it finished after 1s.

What happens is in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/blob/4.0.5/core/CliMulti.php#L217-L222 it checks if the process has started by checking if the PID file exists.

However, the RequestCommand deletes the PID file as soon as the process finished to signal "it finished". That means when we check in that loop whether the process has started, it would think it hasn't started yet and simply continue until 8s have past and then it would set the process as finished. Vs we can simply remember that once we say once "the process has started" flag then we can always remember this.

Actually now seeing this wouldn't mean a performance improvement as it only continues after 8s and doesn't wait for 8s. I reckon it's still good to have this change though just to prevent some potential edge cases.

Actually now seeing again this might be a performance improvement because it would simply say "not finished" yet if it thinks the process hasn't started yet. Only after 8s then it would declare it as finished


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