@manuelw99 opened this Issue on December 6th 2020


after updating my matomo I got an error 500.

In my PHP-Logs, i get this message: (i clicked on the button update matomo on the page "Database Upgrade Required"

Access level to Piwik\Plugins\ExampleTracker\Columns\ExampleActionDimension::configureSegments() must be public (as in class Piwik\Columns\Dimension)
matomo/plugins/ExampleTracker/Columns/ExampleActionDimension.php Row 57

@Findus23 commented on December 6th 2020 Member


Can you please try deleting the ExampleTracker plugin (plugins/ExampleTracker). It is no longer included in Matomo 4 and it seems like the old files are breaking the remaining new code.

This Issue was closed on December 6th 2020
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