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Could be similar to cloud (the third icon):

when clicking on it

Ideally plugins can contribute such notifications as well.

We wouldn't mention every feature here but the most important ones. We could also regularly mention new FAQ's, new Guides etc.

To reuse existing code see Cloud/templates/whatsnew.twig and the Menu.php.

Should we also show this to anonymous when view access? I'd say lets have it disabled for now.

I had added this to the milestone a while back. As it’s important to let people know what’s new so they discover new features and improvements that they otherwise wouldn’t know about and help them utilise the tool better and users stay with us for longer.

  • The core would define entries that are shown in the what's new section.
    • I wonder if we will translate these because by the time they might be translated the entries might be removed again as we would maybe only keep entries for the last 2-3 releases in the code? Might not be worth it translating these entries.
  • Plugins should be able to add entries to do this what's new section too
  • In the cloud we would want to be able to completely change the shown entries. Meaning we probably need to use DI for these entries. This way cloud can change it and plugins can add entries too.

Structure for such content could be like

  • Title
  • Description (allowing HTML)
  • Learn more link and link text
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