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Not sure into which plugin to put this best. However, it needs to be disabled by WhiteLabel (eg through some event).

We'd basically show a block in the bottom similar to on our demo.matomo.cloud (might need to go incognito to see it)

(be great to give the social icons some white background or something so they stand out)
"Refer Matomo" is basically a "mailto" link that add's following subject:


Why I no longer use Google Analytics

message body:

Did you know Google uses data for “own purposes”? That means Google owns your data and is using it to monetise their advertising platforms.

This is why I don’t use Google Analytics for analysing the performance of my website. 

Instead I choose Matomo, an ethical alternative to Google Analytics that gives me 100% data ownership and protects the data of my website visitors. 

I’m sharing this message in the hope that you too will take back the power from Google and get complete ownership of your own data.

[Check out Matomo](https://matomo.org/google-owns-your-data?pk_campaign=refer&pk_kwd=onpremise)

The user can then customise the email in their email program and enter email addresses etc.

For social sharing we would use this text if possible:

Did you know Google is using your data for “own purposes”? This means Google owns your data and uses it to monetise their advertising platforms.

If you’re using Google Analytics, stay in control by switching to an ethical alternative like Matomo now! 


can we have buttons for twitter, facebook, linkedin and mastodon? We would not actually load their JS etc but use the share links like https://www.facebook.com/sharer.php and https://twitter.com/intent/tweet and https://www.linkedin.com/shareArticle/ . Not sure it's possible for mastodon?

After clicking on any of the links and the desired action was initiated could we maybe show a thank you modal dialog saying like Thank you for spreading the word and creating a safer web?

  • When someone clicks on the X icon on the right then we don't show it for another 6 months.
  • Let's maybe in the beginning also only show it to super users (end users are often not that passionate about this topic)
  • Once someone clicked on "refer matomo" or on the social media links we don't show it again for now
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