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When viewing the list of API's in Matomo otherwise the example URL looks like https://demo.matomo.cloud/?module=API&method=DevicesDetection.getModel&idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday&format=JSON&token_auth=anonymous&force_api_session=1

By not appending the force_api_session=1 when token is anonymous users can more easily tweak the token and don't have to manually remove the URL parameter. see eg https://developer.matomo.org/api-reference/reporting-api#CustomAlerts

When the token is anonymous the force_api_session is not needed.


  • [x] Functional review done
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  • [x] Security review done see checklist
  • [x] Code review done
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  • [x] Reviewed for breaking changes
  • [x] Developer changelog updated if needed
  • [x] Documentation added if needed
  • [x] Existing documentation updated if needed
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