@spee opened this Issue on November 13th 2020

Visits are shown for all provinces except three, which — not sure if it's related — all have a dash in their name:

  • Noord-Holland
  • Zuid-Holland
  • Noord-Brabant

Most of this site's visits come from Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland so I'm very sure that there must be data.

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Matomo version 3.14.1 (self-hosted)

@tsteur commented on November 15th 2020 Member

@spee thanks for creating this issue. I checked our own sites and there we see visits shown in the map from those regions and it also shows it in our demo: https://demo.matomo.cloud/index.php?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday#?idSite=1&period=year&date=2020-11-14&segment=&category=General_Visitors&subcategory=UserCountry_SubmenuLocations

Can you check the Locations -> Regions report if it shows data for these regions?

@sgiehl commented on November 15th 2020 Member

@spee might also be good to know which geolocation provider / database you are using. Might be possible the database reports incorrect iso codes for those regions or something similar

@spee commented on November 16th 2020

@sgiehl I'm using a lite version, DBIP-City.mmdb. This file is found in the /misc folder, is that the one being used? I don't remember from when I installed it. And not sure how to inspect that file to see if there's anything wrong.

@tsteur There I also don't see data in those regions; most visits are filed under "Unknown region". However, in the realtime reports I do see visits from the missing regions.

@sgiehl commented on November 16th 2020 Member

That could maybe be a more general problem with the free DB-IP database. The free database does not include region iso codes, but only region names. Matomo only tracks the region iso code. To track as much regions as possible, we try to determine the iso code based on the returned name (using a mapping). In some cases the name does not match the name defined by ISO. That's something Matomo can't handle and no region will be tracked.

@spee commented on November 16th 2020

I see. Then that's the problem, the db seems to report the English name "North Holland" instead of local name "Noord-Holland".

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