@zsjie opened this Issue on November 5th 2020

I host matomo 3.14.1 on my own server, following the installation docs and everything works fine except the Manage Containers page in Tag Manager can not be load, as you can see below:


Matomo helps a lot and I've bought two plugins, Heatmaps and User flows, from the marketplace. And I also need to use tag manager, please help!

@zsjie commented on November 5th 2020

I use Safari to open this page, and it looks it's ok. But the page is still not loaded in Chrome.


@Findus23 commented on November 5th 2020 Member


See also
for more people having the same issue. I assume most likely the browser cache still contains the old JS file before updating. Or your adblocker is blocking something important. Or you are using something like mod_pagespeed that modifies the page.

@absynth47215 commented on December 3rd 2020

I am having this issue on Safari Version 14.0.1 (15610., 15610) on MacOS X. There's no mod_pagespeed activated on nginx, there's nothing in the logs and the new "tracker blocking" feature in Safari claims to not have blocked any trackers on the page (which would be weird anyway, because it's 1st party js code). I have no adblocker installed, no pihole, nothing.
Everything works on Chrome on the same machine.
Which is the most active bug report for this (from the 6 that you posted), @Findus23? I could try and dig a little deeper and comment on that most active report.

@tsteur commented on December 3rd 2020 Member

Hi @absynth47215 are you familiar with the browser developer tools? Could you check if any network requests fail or if there is any console message?

@absynth47215 commented on December 3rd 2020

There is no message at all, no js error or warning, no failed request in the console. It just didn't render.

After using the "delete cache" option in Safari's developer tools, the container management page started to render, so the notion that it is a browser cache issue seems to be right. Interestingly enough, I had tried to force re-fetch of all resources by appending a bogus cachebuster query parameter, but that didn't seem to do anything.

I'd expect it to continue to render from now on. In my opinion, this is an issue only directly after tag manager installation, so maybe you can find a way to force browser cache clearing (no idea how to go about that, I'm more of a backend guy).

@tsteur commented on December 3rd 2020 Member

@absynth47215 there should be a cache buster that forces the reloading. Also the force re-fetch should have worked.
image. Maybe it's some webserver configuration that specific headers were sent that made it believe somehow there's no newer version (like same etag somehow or something). I suppose you aren't using any CDN or something as part of Matomo? Like proxying requests through cloudflare or cloudfront or something?

@absynth47215 commented on December 3rd 2020

@tsteur It's a run-of-the-mill nginx with PHP-FPM, standard vhost config. The only thing that is non-standard might be this:
location ~* \.(js|css|png|jpg|jpeg|gif|ico)$ { expires max; log_not_found off; }
Might be interesting to see what configuration others with the same issue are running. I expect it to be some kind of borderline case, but an interesting one.

@tsteur commented on December 3rd 2020 Member

Thanks for this @zsjie I had a very quick look at the code and maybe found an issue (not sure). Created for now https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/16880 and there's a chance this will fix it in the future.

@j-maas commented on April 9th 2021

I encountered this issue as well. In Firefox, opening the history panel, right-clicking on the website, and choosing "Forget complete website" did not work. I logged back in and still only saw an empty page.

However, disabling tracking protection (the shield in the URL bar) reloaded the page correctly. Even after reactivating tracking protection, it seems to work now.

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