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We should make this useful report more visible.

I wonder how to best do it as there are various ways.

  1. We could show another report on each of the "pages", "entry pages", "exit pages", "page titles" report below the existing report showing the performance. It be ok but it may be still hard to find and notice it's there.
  2. I reckon we should add a new page in the reporting menu under "Behaviour" named "Performance". Could put it maybe below Engagement or so.
    • The question is then do we show only one report and have "related reports" to switch eg from page url to page title
    • Or should we have both visible one after another similar to media analytics Both have advantages/disadvantages like related reports are hard to find and easy to miss but showing only one report lets you focus more on this one report maybe and keeps the page simpler. I think either solution be fine for now and we can always change it very quickly.

I would still keep the existing visualisation on the other pages reports so you can use it on "entry pages" and "exit pages". Unless we use "related reports" on this new Performance reporting page and then also show "entry pages" and "exit pages" as a related report (meaning all 4 reports where the performance report currently works). Then it would not be needed anymore to have it as a visualisation.

@sgiehl could you look into this? We'd also need to adjust the FAQ then
@mattab any thoughts?

@tsteur commented on November 5th 2020 Member

On the new page we could then actually also show this report that is currently under "Visitors overview" on the top and remove it from "Visitors overview":

Then we would show the "Pages performance report" for page URLs and have related reports to switch to page title etc.

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