@revathi-muthana123 opened this Issue on November 2nd 2020

Hello Team,

In Matomo we can able to check Page Views per day or per month basis for individual website. But how we can summarize Page views per month for all the websites at a time?

Please help me to find out Number of page views in over all Matomo.

Thanks & Regards

@sgiehl commented on November 2nd 2020 Member

Hi @revathi-muthana123

If you have multiple websites configured in Matomo you can view a summary in the "All websites" dashboards. If those numbers are not enough, maybe the RollUpReporting plugin is what you are looking for: https://plugins.matomo.org/RollUpReporting

If you have any other questions like this, please have a look at our forum at https://forum.matomo.org. We are only handling bugs and feature requests here...

This Issue was closed on November 2nd 2020
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