@tsteur opened this Issue on November 1st 2020 Member

The options in the segment editor top are barely visible

and they are often not fully visible/cut off

could maybe instead use our proper form elements like

The options could be maybe shown under name and could maybe also use different form elements (to be decided eg pre-process could use a select maybe and some help text explaining better when to choose what).

The "add new segment" or "choose segment" control could be removed

It was probably built like this to save space but this in the end hurts usability and space shouldn't be a big issue.

Ideally we also find a better name for "pre-processed vs real time segments" and / or find a good explanation to it so people understand better what to choose there.

We could maybe also move the segment editor partially further to the left when possible so it's not too much attached to the right.

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