@mattab opened this Issue on October 27th 2020 Member

In the "Browser Plugins" report, the % value displayed on hover is not accurate. The value uses the sum of the Visits in that report (but in this particular "browser plugins" report, it doesn't make sense to sum the "Visits" metric, because one visit can match several plugins.). Instead we would expect to not show the value on hover (the other column " % Visits" is anyway present).


Reported by a user:

It's not so much a problem, but rather a wrong presentation of numbers. In the case of browser plugins, the percentage of visits in the last column makes no sense to me, and it should be removed to avoid confusion.

See my screenshot; it labels the visits that support cookies as being 72.8%. This conflicts with the correct 100% in the other column. There's no use in dividing the visits in this report because they have overlapping properties.

This Issue was closed on October 28th 2020
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