@gramakri opened this Issue on October 15th 2020

There is already a config:set to add a key in a section. Would be helpful to have a config:delete to delete a key in a section as well. This would be especially useful when combined with --value to remove an entry from array keys like severs[], Plugins[].

@tsteur commented on October 15th 2020 Member

Thanks for suggesting this feature @gramakri

If someone is keen to work on this: It could work similar to https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/blob/4.0.0-b3/plugins/CoreAdminHome/Commands/SetConfig.php#L19-L86 in a new DeleteConfig class. It's probably quite easy to implement and we will be happy to review.

@mwithheld commented on September 3rd 2021 Contributor
This Issue was closed on September 15th 2021
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