@aloxe opened this Issue on October 9th 2020 Contributor

I installed the beta 4.0.0-b2 by downloading the distribution from Github. Ran the install on Debian 10 and running it. The dashboard miss Morpheus images. The dashboard I am checking is automatically updated to 4.0.0-b3.

i.e. https://…/matomo/plugins/Morpheus/icons/dist/os/UNK.png

indeed the icons are not in this location. I checked in the zip file I downloaded and there are not present. Now I see that icons is a symlink to another project which might explain this absence of files.

@sgiehl commented on October 9th 2020 Member

We are managing some stuff in submodules, like some plugins, libraries and the icons. When downloading the github release they won't be included. Please use the releases published on https://builds.matomo.org/

@aloxe commented on October 9th 2020 Contributor

Thanks for this link, I confess I looked for it without success. You may consider adding this link with new beta announces.

This Issue was closed on October 9th 2020
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