@luggesexe opened this Pull Request on October 6th 2020 Contributor

Added suggested changes. #16536

@luggesexe commented on October 6th 2020 Contributor
@sgiehl commented on October 8th 2020 Member

I guess that changes actually should target the branch 3.x-dev, so it will be included in the next 3.x version and not in Matomo 4.
@luggesexe could you recreate the PR based on the branch 3.x-dev and create the PR targeted to 3.x-dev branch?

@sgiehl commented on October 15th 2020 Member

@luggesexe I'll cherry-pick your commit to a local branch to recreate the PR against 3.x-dev branch.

This Pull Request was closed on October 15th 2020
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