@mattab opened this Issue on October 5th 2020 Member

According to customers in https://forum.matomo.org/t/form-analytics-doesnt-cleanup-its-old-form-field-form-page-log-data/38567

I’m using Matomo (3.14.0) with Form Analytics (3.1.28). Both “delete old raw data” and “delete old aggregated report data” policies are in place (with core:archive cron job). Still, in practice, I see that Form Analytics purges records from the log_form db table only, leaving log_form_field and log_form_page tables filled with all the historical data from the beginning of time.
I can confirm that old records are correctly purged from log_form but not from log_form_page/log_form_field tables, matching them by idvisit/idlogform. How can I clean that old data and prevent its accumulation in the future?

We would expect that log_form_page and log_form_field are purged indeed.

from @tsteur this is supposed to be done by core but it looks like it’s not fully implemented there for log tables without idvisit column.

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