@mattab opened this Issue on October 2nd 2020 Member

Let's backport https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/16492 fix in 3.x as this is visible by default in many reports (pages, etc) and some people might use Matomo 3.x for 1 year or so

@sgiehl commented on October 15th 2020 Member

The fix in #16492 is a way to complex to back-port it to 3.x, as there have been a lot changes for it and font icons are now used instead of images...

@mattab commented on October 18th 2020 Member

@sgiehl ok, instead could we maybe patch it to revert what originally caused the icons to go misaligned?

@tsteur commented on October 18th 2020 Member

@mattab that can't be done as it was the comparisons feature

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