@nina-py opened this Pull Request on September 25th 2020 Contributor

For some reason custom dimension ids are passed around as strings, and there is at least one place in the plugin JS code where they are converted to integers as needed - perhaps there is a good reason to keep them as strings almost everywhere else. According to AngularJS documentation, a getter function or an expression can be used instead of a field to order by, so I have added a .parseInt() method so that the ids are sorted properly. The performance hit of that is minimal given there won't be hundreds, or even dozens of custom dimensions in a typical Matomo setup.

fixes https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/16155

@tsteur commented on September 25th 2020 Member

Cheers @nina-py very appreciated 👍

@nina-py commented on September 25th 2020 Contributor

No worries @tsteur!

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