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Switching to German (and probably other languages) breaks the layout on 1024x768.

Some strings in other languages are longer than their english pendants. The TopMenu is rather tight and leaves no space for longer strings. Switching to German causes the right menu to break and appear over the Piwik logo.

The Piwik Logo is slightly hidden by the TopMenu too (see the second i-dot)

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@halfdan commented on August 27th 2010 Member


@robocoder commented on September 9th 2010 Contributor

Repositioning the logo should be trivial. The width of the top menu requires more thought. If we can't shorten the strings, we obviously have to consider moving/removing.

  • Feedback is rarely used given the number of users we have. That would be my first candidate. Ideas:
    • model it after uservoice or getsatisfaction widgets,
    • put it in a footer (not matt's preference as I recall),
    • move it to a menu item, or
    • move it to the online docs (which is the "contact us after you've exhausted self-help" approach by some web sites).
@mattab commented on November 16th 2010 Member

we get less interesting feedback that we used to indeed. However let's not forget that the feedback is above all an invite to use our bug tracker, forums and online docs (the first screen is a list of many relevant links), and I am confident many users found self help with this.

Maybe we could rename as "Help" (still shorter) and revamp it a bit.

@mattab commented on November 24th 2010 Member

Until we come up with a more clever solution, can we maybe find a few German strings equivalents that would be shorter and therefore would fit in 1024 width screen?

@mattab commented on January 17th 2011 Member

This was fixed by a patch earlier, lowering padding... it still breaks on some languages (Greek) but there's not much we can do at this stage

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