@tsteur opened this Issue on September 13th 2020 Member

follow up from #16433

This applies to https://matomo.org/docs/tracking-campaigns-url-builder/

I suggest we add a Matomo version selector to differentiate between Matomo 3 and Matomo 4? Alternatively we'd need to wait for a few months after the Matomo 4 release before using the new mtm_* campaign parameters but since Matomo 3 will be around for a while we should add the Matomo version selector. Problem is many users might not know what version they are on. Eg when they are on Cloud etc. @mattab any thoughts? Could also just keep on using pk_* on the website since it is the safest choice and update it in 1-2 years.

@mattab commented on September 14th 2020 Member

@tsteur Sounds good to leave it as-is for now and update the website maybe 14 months after the Matomo 4.0.0 release?

@tsteur commented on September 15th 2020 Member

I'll invite you to an event so we won't forget 👍

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