@tsteur opened this Issue on September 6th 2020 Member

@diosmosis could you maybe look at this one? refs https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/11974

  • [ ] Custom reports (not sure if done already both in create and update custom reports). Should only rearchive the specific report
  • [ ] Users Flow: on activation it should archive all it's reports
  • [ ] Multi Channel Conversion Attribution: on activation it should archive all it's reports
  • [ ] Funnels: When adding or updating a funnel rearchive that specific funnel
  • [ ] AbTesting: When updating (not adding) an existing A/B test then it should rearchive the data for A/B testing. Ideally it would do this back until abtest['created_date']. (which is often just a few days or weeks instead of multiple months)
  • [ ] Cohorts: On activation it should rearchive all it's reports (be good to confirm @diosmosis )
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