@davidbehler opened this Issue on August 27th 2020

Version 3.14.0

Found this error in our logs:
Setting parameters rows_to_display is not allowed. Please report this bug to the Matomo team.

Here are the errors that occured on the same timestamp:

Is there any other info you need? I can't tell you exactly what happend before this error was logged, I just noticed it now.

@tsteur commented on August 27th 2020 Member

Thanks @davidbehler . Was there maybe even more information before that? It would maybe help us identify by what this was caused.

@davidbehler commented on August 28th 2020

Yeah, sorry. Not sure why I left out a couple of entries :/


@tsteur commented on August 30th 2020 Member

@davidbehler thanks for this. Things are getting slightly more clear but not sure yet where this is happening.

Do you remember what you did when that happened?

If I had to guess then a shown metric was changed in a so called "evolution graph" in either AbTesting, Cohorts, Goals, Paid Advertising, or Referrers plugin but that's more of a guess so far.

Do you maybe know if you use any third party plugins? You can find them by going to "Matomo -> Admin -> Plugins" and click on "Third-party" in "Installed plugins"

@davidbehler commented on August 31st 2020

I have not installed any third party plugins.

I only noticed the error the day after it happend and I'm not the only user of this Matomo install, so sadly I can't tell you what caused it :/

@tsteur commented on August 31st 2020 Member

Thanks for this @davidbehler

I see this in our logs also happening on occasion. I think this might happen somehow related to events. eg maybe on

POST /index.php?date=2020-08-28&viewDataTable=graphVerticalBar&module=Events&action=getCategory&secondaryDimension=eventAction&idSite=1&period=week&random=2875&totals=0&columns=nb_visits&filter_sort_column=nb_visits&disable_generic_filters=0

Might be related to the "Bar" visualisation in events. Maybe when changing a metric there.

I can actually reproduce this now exactly that way. Change visualisation eg in Events Category to "Bar" and then change the metric.

The request looks like this:


Thanks again for your help @davidbehler

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