@jdelker opened this Issue on August 23rd 2020

After upgrading to matomo 3.14, I noticed that our Apache-Log processing pipeline in logstash was not working anymore.

In there, logs are piped through STDIN into import_logs.py for processing, by invoking it as import_logs.py ... -.
After the upgrade the logstash pipeline is collapsing immediately after invokation.

Analysis showed, that STDIN processing is obviously not working anymore:
import_logs.py ... apache.log works fine.
import_logs.py ... - < apache.log terminates immediately with no lines parsed.

@tsteur commented on August 23rd 2020 Member

Hi @jdelker I think this is a duplicate of https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo-log-analytics/issues/273 . Let me know if that's not the case and I'll reopen the issue. It was fixed in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo-log-analytics/pull/275

@jdelker commented on August 23rd 2020

Yes, that fixes the issue.
Sorry for the duplicate, but somehow I didn't find the referenced issue beforehand.

This Issue was closed on August 23rd 2020
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