@ohreally opened this Issue on August 8th 2020


Currently, the homepage of my Matomo On-Premise installation only shows a login box. It would be great if this login box would be smaller, or even move to another page, so that the homepage can display some details that may be of interest to visitors who find the tracker code and think 'What exactly does this statistics.example.com tracker log?'. I'm thinking of a page that's easily modifiable, but by default says something like

Welcome to [Matomo address].

This Matomo installation collects the statistics for the following sites:

  • ...
  • ...

This application is configured to mask the last [0123] bytes of IP addresses, and it does [not] respect the browser's Do Not Track setting. The location of visitors is determined based on the [preferred language|DBIP database|GeoIP2 database].

Click here if you do not want to be tracked by this Matomo installation on any of the sites listed above; this will set an opt-out cookie in your browser.

This would also enable me to add a link to my Matomo installation in my privacy statement.

Thanks for considering,

@John-S4 commented on August 8th 2020

I think this is a really interesting idea, and we would like to have something like this implemented on our analytics server, but I'm not sure it is something that everybody would want.

Maybe it would work best as a plugin, if that is possible.

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