@peterbo opened this Issue on August 6th 2020 Contributor

Use case:
A user would like to setup a report every day / week / etc. for the last 30 days / 7 days / etc ("rolling window"). This is not possible at the moment.

And probably a small Bug:
With email schedule st to "daily" and report period to "month", the display options show the following:
The options are probably wrong, because the report doesn't contain the last month in the resolution of days, but the last X months.

@tsteur commented on August 6th 2020 Member

Thanks @peterbo Just to make sure I understand it correctly. The goal be basically to add a new period "range" and then let user select eg last 7 or last 30 etc?

@peterbo commented on August 12th 2020 Contributor

Hey @tsteur exactly! Perhaps it would make sense to be able to group the last30/7/x days as days/weeks/months and only show the selected period in the graphs (not an evolution over the previous periods).

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