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fix https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/16192

After lots of thinking came up with the dimension name "profilable" to have it working as well for iOS, Android etc which doesn't rely on cookies etc. I guess that's really the essence of it. Which users can be tracked over several visits vs which can't. Happy to change the name if anything is better.

After some thinking also didn't add a new tracking parameter for now. Generally, it should work out of the box using the visitorId. If cookies are disabled, then no visitorId is sent. Technically we can't rely on cookies alone cause if you are disabling cookies but use userId feature, then the user can be still profiled over several visits. I reckon for now it's not needed to introduce a new tracking parameter. Eventually could have like a parameter _pr or so if needed maybe to force a certain value? Not sure if there are cases where it wouldn't be accurate based on visitorId?

@tsteur commented on July 20th 2020 Member

@mattab we'll document it later once merged.

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