@jakemalachowski opened this Pull Request on July 15th 2020

Hello. I work at Render. We recently set up a one-click deployment button and guide that allows your users to get up and running with a Matomo server and MySQL database in just a couple minutes. We are looking to make it as seamless as possible to self-host your software. I was hoping you would be willing to add this as an option in your setup guide. Also, would be open to mentioning us as an option on your on-pemise page?

I'm happy to address and questions or concerns!

@tsteur commented on July 16th 2020 Member

Cheers @jakemalachowski have added this to https://matomo.org/faq/how-to-install/faq_108/ which is also linked to from our install guide. We currently don't link to any specific provider from our github readme unfortunately.

This Pull Request was closed on July 16th 2020
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