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With Matomo we've always had the ability to disable cookies or use cookies. Now we have added the ability to also enable cookies after they were enabled etc. This lets users track visitors with cookies disabled, but enable cookies when/if they give consent to use cookies.

When cookies are enabled, some reports become more accurate.

When the data is mixed from visitors with and without cookies in the same site, then it's hard to know which referrer data to trust for example.

That's why you'd want to segment the audience by whether cookies were used or not used.

  • We need to add a new dimension and segment to the log_visit table
  • We need to send a new tracking parameter whether cookies were used or not (based on configCookiesDisabled variable). We need to update the log_visit column onNewVisit and onExisitingVisit since it might change during a visit
  • We don't need to add a report for now
  • We can't reuse the existing cookie flag we have in the visits table because it tracks whether cookies are generally available but not whether they were actually used or not used

Not sure what naming to use. Ideally, the wording could also be applied for iOS/Android SDK etc. Eg they might have the same concept, but don't use cookies for storing a visitorId.

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