@ricky94511 opened this Issue on July 8th 2020

Hi all,

My environment is Matomo Cloud(Business version 3.13.6) and I used Live.getLastVisitsDetails API to get weekly raw data.

my_params = {
        'module': 'API', 
        'method': 'Live.getLastVisitsDetails',
        'idSite': idSite,
        'period': 'week',
        'date': 'today',
        'format': 'json',
        'filter_limit': 1,
        'filter_offset': 1, 
        'token_auth': token
req = requests.get(url, params = my_params)
visit_log = req.json()

Sometime I would get the error as shown below, and I check req.status_code still 200
螢幕快照 2020-07-08 上午10 09 19

I try to adjust filter_limit to decrease request context size and set filter_offset to partition the data. But even I force the parameter and run hourly, 40% would succeed and 60% would fail.

I hope for your help.

@tsteur commented on July 8th 2020 Member

@ricky94511 is this still happening in the last few hours? We applied a fix just 6 hours ago.

If that's still happening could you please email our support? support@matomo.cloud

This Issue was closed on July 8th 2020
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