@tsteur opened this Issue on March 15th 2018 Member

For example to reproduce create dimension in action scope using below regex:


See https://3v4l.org/8ENBl trigggers a warning in the logs:

PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: nothing to repeat at offset 15 in plugins/CustomDimensions/Dimension/Extraction.php on line 117

Ideally, in all plugins where it is possible to define a regex, we validate that the regex is at "valid". For example Goals etc. This will increase the correctness of the tracked data.

If the regex is not valid, then an error should be shown.

@tsteur commented on April 6th 2018 Member

Be good if this is something that could be looked at. @mattab

@mattab commented on April 9th 2018 Member

Sounds good. From now on we'll take a closer look at the Current sprint issues. cc @diosmosis

@tsteur commented on July 22nd 2021 Member

Logic is done in the premium features (eg funnels) but not in custom dimensions

This Issue was closed on October 15th 2021
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