@mattab opened this Issue on February 1st 2016 Member

It may not be clear to users that a given Custom Dimension report is indeed a Custom Dimension report. To make it "findable" that a user learns the report is a Custom Dimension, maybe we could add a "Help" text (accessible via the Help icon on the report title).

Proposal (to be improved)

  • This report reports contains the values for your Custom Dimension '$name'. [a]Manage Custom Dimensions.[/a]
    • If the User has permission to view/edit custom dimensions, display the link to manage the custom dimensions.
  • If the Custom Dimension is in scope "Actions" also write...
    • By clicking on a row in the table, you can see all the page URLs where this custom dimension was set.
    • `When a Custom Dimension value was not extracted, the row label will say "Value not defined"``

what do you think?

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