@wmtpratikk opened this Issue on June 29th 2020

Live.getLastVisitsDetails gives few minutes ahead action time(serverTimePretty) in action details.

expected time(serverTimePretty) is when action triggered but it gives the action time(serverTimePretty) by adding 2-3 minutes in time(serverTimePretty) when action triggered.

for example: page view action trigger at 5:00 but it give the time 5:02 or 5:03.

@tsteur commented on June 29th 2020 Member

@wmtpratikk are you using the JavaScript tracker? Can you check the time on your server is configured correctly? How do you know it triggered exactly at 5:00 (and where would this time be from)? Eg is this your local time on your laptop/computer?

Generally Matomo uses the time on your server. There isn't any time added it.

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