@tsteur opened this Issue on June 20th 2020 Member

eg you have configured the IP to be anyonmised like becomes

All a user will see in the UI is However, when trying to exclude that IP by entering, it won't exclude this IP because it's not matching the original IP.

Most transparent for the user and intuitive be to also try and match the excluded IP against the anonymised IP. This way it works nicely for IPv4 and IPv6, is super easy to implement and transparent to the user.

We likely wouldn't want to convert an entered IP to 10.10.*.* as it wouldn't be obvious why this is happening etc.

@tsteur commented on June 22nd 2020 Member

See https://wordpress.org/support/topic/getting-ip-based-exclusions-to-work/#post-13017864 we might also want to adjust the inline help depending on configured IP anonymisation maybe. For example:

Note: Your IP anonymization settings mask the final two bytes of IP addresses. Use 1.2.*.* to capture IP ranges you want to exclude

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