@ywarnier opened this Issue on June 6th 2020

There are many cases where we take screenshots of our dashboard at a specific time where we can see evidence of some specific activity that would otherwise be difficult to show later on (because of the compacting of data and the fact that some of the widgets are instant-based - like the Real Time Visitor Count).

Please consider adding a small "Current Local Time" widget in format date('y/m/d h:i:s') modified to the local time of the observed portal.
Not sure in which widget category to place it thouhg. Maybe "Visitors" or "About Matomo"...

Something like this:

I was going to say that it didn't need to be updated every second (every minute is enough), but given it's probably just going to be some light JS, that should be alright. As an alternative, it could only show a max precision of minutes, but I anticipate someone would later ask for more precision...

@tsteur commented on June 7th 2020 Member

Thanks @ywarnier that would make a useful widget that people could put in their dashboard etc. 👍

@aouinag commented on July 14th 2020

I want to work on this widget but i don't know where to start

@sgiehl commented on July 14th 2020 Member

@aouinag Have a look at our developer guides. There is also a part about creating widget. https://developer.matomo.org/guides/widgets
Not sure if that should/need to be part of core. If not you may create a new plugin for that and publish it on the marketplace.

@tsteur commented on April 15th 2021 Member

Note: I'll edit the issue to title to say "Current local time in website's timezone". I'm thinking this be most useful especially when the site is not in the same timezone as you are (which can be the case fairly often).

If you are for example based in LA, and the site is configured to be in NY, then we'd want to show the current time in NY.

Additionally, if the local time is different from the site's time, then we show both times and we label accordingly which is the local time and which is the time in the site's timezone.

The shown time should update every minute. There's no need to show seconds but could be shown if it's complicated to not show them. The time should be updated using JavaScript (not using a request or by updating the widget as it can cause a lot of extra unneeded requests when having thousands of active users at the same time).

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