@mpopp75 opened this Pull Request on November 29th 2013

These updates allow to recognize IE11, the new Opera with Blink engine (15+) and Maxthon.

Windows 8.1 is recognized as different OS from Windows 8, with abbreviation W81.

I also created a new UA test script including a number of modern browsers and renamed the previous version to UserAgentParser.test.oldbrowsers.php

@halfdan commented on November 30th 2013 Member

@mpopp75 Thanks for the pull request! Please review the test failure and then squash/rebase your commits. It's not necessary to have eight commits for this. Thanks!

@mpopp75 commented on December 2nd 2013

Closing this pull request (replaced by https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/161)

This Pull Request was closed on December 2nd 2013
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