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I have Matomo for some sites. Today, I can't conect to matomo, there is a infinity load and fail two or three minutes later with an error 504.

There was 4471 visits in last 2 days according to the archive comand. The installation is quite old, when I intalled it, the name of the application was Piwik. There are space in the db, 3 go of free space, 4 go in total. The db contain also joomla and wordpress tables. I'm on a mutualized server on OVH (performance 1).

The error is in all pages when I'm logged. If I am not, the page of connection works. I have access to ssh (but with many restriction) and the console works,

I manually update Matomo to the last version and I update the database, the page to update worked.
I deleted the files indicated by the diagnostic. In the diagnostic, there are two warning :

Max Packet Size: WARNING It is recommended to configure a 'max_allowed_packet' size in your MySQL database of at least 64MB. Configured is currently 32MB.
Forced SSL Connection: WARNING We recommend using Matomo over secure SSL connections only. To prevent insecure access over http, add force_ssl = 1 to the General section in your Matomo config/config.ini.php file.

Then I made :
console core:clear-caches
console core:purge-old-archive-data
console core:archive

I can't make console log:watch, there is no file.

So, what's the problem ?


@tsteur commented on May 25th 2020 Member

Hi @jeremiecourlivant

a 504 error looks like some server related issue and not a Matomo issue. Maybe get in touch with your sys admin or with your hoster OVH to see if they can help you. Eg maybe there's something off with a virtual host configuration or so.

I just checked and it looks like Matomo doesn't trigger any 504 errors. I'll close this issue for now and as mentioned I recommend you get in touch with OVH. I'm more than happy to reopen should there actually be an issue in Matomo. I quickly searched for "OVH HTTP 504" and some results come up as well that might help.

Hope they can help you and apologies we can't help more in this regard.

This Issue was closed on May 25th 2020
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