@helifrank opened this Issue on May 24th 2020

The real-time visitors live widget seems not to be fully recovered since Matomo 3.10.0 (possible with fix https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/14374).

After live_widget_refresh_after_seconds period "timed out" without any new visits/actions, the widget doesn't refresh anymore.

Only after a browser tab change or page refresh new visitors/actions during the live_widget_refresh_after_seconds period refreshing correctly in the real-time live widget, until the live_widget_refresh_after_seconds “timed out” again.

The live_widget_refresh_after_seconds period "timed out" without new visitors/actions.

I can reproduce this behavior since Matomo 3.10.0 with a clean installation, in my case on macOS with Safari and Chrome.

New visitors/actions on website during the default 5s interval (after viewing Matomo dashboard) are viewing/refreshing correctly. After no visitors/actions, e.g. for 20s, the widget doesn't refresh anymore (until a browser tab change or page refresh).

@tsteur commented on May 24th 2020 Member

Thanks for creating this issue @helifrank
You mean in this case there was actually no single visitor in the last 24 hours for example and then you had to reload?

@helifrank commented on May 25th 2020

Thanks for your response @tsteur
I mean, that I have to reload or tab change, after live_widget_refresh_after_seconds (default 5 seconds) with no single visitor.
After a dashboard or widget refresh and visitors/clicks within less 5 seconds intervals, the widget updates the visitors actions, so long as visitor click within the interval again and again. After - for example - 20 seconds with no visitors, the widget updates not anymore new visits/actions.
With customized live_widget_refresh_after_seconds (for example 10 seconds) visitors actions is necessary within less 10 seconds that widget live updates works.

@tsteur commented on May 26th 2020 Member

Thanks @helifrank I was able to reproduce this. Created a fix for this in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/15987

@helifrank commented on May 26th 2020

Thanks @tsteur. It works! :-)

This Issue was closed on May 26th 2020
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