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Project Harmony (initiated by Amanda Brock, General Counsel for Canonical) kicked off in June, but is making news this week with its goal of creating templates for contributor agreements.

Given the strength of the GPL, our license clean-up (#1442), and the legal notices in our source files (#524), I am of the opinion that a formal contributor agreement is generally unnecessary because:

  • we don't ask for, nor require, copyright assignment by contributors
  • we have no plans to relicense Piwik

However, IANAL, and when companies are involved, there may be an issue with the copyright and license on an employee's "work product" (even when not created on company time). For that reason, I propose we adapt the copyleft-oriented Fedora Project Contributor Agreement for our use:

@robocoder commented on August 16th 2010 Contributor

I have posted the draft in wiki:PPCA. Comments?

@robocoder commented on September 5th 2010 Contributor

Posted draft wiki:WorkProductReleaseForm.

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