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This will help us better understand and debug issues

@Findus23 I think we maybe already have an issue for the copy/paste system check feature but couldn't find it right now.

Similar to Matomo for WP it would be great to have these features included when also developing the copy/paste feature:

  • List of customised settings in config.ini.php compared to original global config
  • List of enabled plugins and their versions

We also want to show more information such as

  • Browser User Agent
  • Browser language
  • Ideally when Archive was last started and finished
  • More server information eg
  • Mysql version
  • Number of sites and users
  • What the matomo version was when it was installed

Ideally the copied system check would anonymise few things like

  • replace(SettingsPiwik::getMatomoUrl(), '$MATOMO_URL', $input)
  • replace(PIWIK_DOCUMENT_ROOT, '$MATOMO_DOC_ROOT', $input)
  • replace(PIWIK_USER_PATH, '$PIWIK_USER_PATH', $input)
  • token like things $value = preg_replace('/[[:xdigit:]]{31,80}/', 'TOKEN_REPLACED', $value);
  • salt and DB passwords etc from config
  • etc.

We can generally reuse a lot of logic for this from WP-Matomo see https://github.com/matomo-org/wp-matomo/blob/develop/classes/WpMatomo/Admin/SystemReport.php and https://github.com/matomo-org/wp-matomo/blob/1.0.6/matomo.php#L124-L156

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